Greco, Silvana


Freie Universität Berlin

Since 2013 prof. Greco is Adjunct Professor at the Freie Universität Berlin where she teaches different courses on sociology of Judaism. Her main research interests inside the sociology of Judaism are: the Sabbatian and Frankist movement in early modernity; Jewish identities in modern and post-modern societies; the role of emotions in Judaism and in its rituals; holocaust studies.

She is also Professor of Sociology at an American University Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) in Milan and Head of the Social Science Unit of Fondazione Palazzo Bondoni Pastorio in Castiglione delle Siviere, where she is part of the management committee of the Cost- Action IS1210: Appearance Matters: Tackling the Physical and Psychosocial consequences of Dissatisfaction with Appearance.
She has published books, chapters and article. Under her recent publications relating to sociology of religion: (forthcoming), Jakob Frank. Mysticism and Emotions; Emotions between inclusions and exclusions from the orthodox Jewish community: The case of Sabbateans living in Prague (with G. Busi) (2013); Biographical narratives and religious sects (2013). Email: silvana.greco[at]

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