Kolodziejska, Marta

kolodziejska1Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw, Poland

Marta is a PhD candidate and teacher at the Institute of Sociology and she’s working on a thesis entitled “Virtual communities of the users of Catholic internet forums”, in which she analyses the community building and religiosity of Polish forum patrons. Her research interests include sociology of religion and the new media and popular culture. She is currently a visiting researcher in Uppsala, Sweden, working under the supervision of Mia Lovheim. Her recent publications include: Symbol of the cross in popular culture. The analysis of the use and transformation of the symbol in the “Machina” magazine (Polish Sociological Review) and The electronic frontier of Catholicism in Poland- an answer to the crisis of religious community? (ASR 2014 Volume of Religion and the Social Order: Religion in Times of Crisis). Marta has received the National Science Centre in Poland Grant (NCN) and is also ESA RN 34’s Communications Officer.