Ricucci, Roberta

prof. Roberta Ricucci

Roberta Ricucci is Associate Professor at the University of Turin, dept. of Culture, Politics and Society, where she teaches Sociology of Inter-ethnic Relations and Sociology of Islam. She has wide and varied research experience, both at national and international levels, also as visiting research fellow at the University of Princeton (NJ, US), Monash in Melbourne and Western Australia in Perth (Australia) and guest visiting associate professor at the Center for the Study of religion and Society at the University of Notre Dame (IN, US). Her recent research has generally been focussed on migration phenomena, and specifically on the following topics: Muslims and public policies managing religious pluralism in Western societies, education, immigrant children and their both integration paths and identity-building process. She is currently the Chair of the ESA RN 34.

Prof. Ricucci’s website: http://www.didattica-cps.unito.it/do/docenti.pl/Show?_id=rricucci#profilo