Wójtowicz, Andrzej

wojtowiczUniversity of Cardinal Stephan Wyszynski in Warsaw,Poland

Prof.dr hab. Andrzej Wójtowicz ( born 1946) is a professor of sociology at the University of Cardinal Stephan Wyszynski in Warsaw (Poland).Much of his work examines the connections between religion, social structure, culture and social organization of the Catholic Church in Poland. He is the author ( in Polish) of Karol Wojtyla’s “Anthropology of Faith and Church” ( 1994), “Modern Sociology of Religion” ( 2005) on top of numerous articles published in many Polish scientific journals, especially in the Polish Studies of Religions. He is a member of International Sociological Association, American Sociological Association, Polish Sociological Association, International Association for the History of Religion.Wójtowicz is currently working on a book on cultural and social sources of pilgrimages .