The Board

The second ESA Sociology of Religion Board was elected at the ESA General Meeting in Turin in September 2013.

Chair: Gladys Ganiel (Belfast, UK)

Vice Chair: Roberta Ricucci (Torino, Italy)

Communication Officer: Marta Kołodziejska (Warsaw, Poland)

Members: Heidemarie Winkel (Bielefeld), Christophe Monnot (Lausanne), Alexandre Piettre (Paris/Lausanne), Siniša Zrinšcak (Zagreb), Dorota Hall (Warsaw), Irene Becci (Lausanne)

We thank Anne-Sophie Lamine, Hubert Knoblauch and Bernt Schnettler, who acted as Interim Chair and Vice-Chairs and all other supporters of the network’s establishment in Geneva 2011.

(Image: Photograph of the board taken at the First Bi-Annual Conference in Potsdam. The Board: front, left to right: Regine Herbrik (Berlin),  Marta Kołodziejska (Warsaw); back, left to right: Vice- Chair: Gladys Ganiel (Belfast), Christophe Monnot (Lausanne), Stef Aupers (Rotterdam), Chair: Heidemarie Winkel (Potsdam/Berlin), Anne-Sophie Lamine (Strasbourg) — at Potsdam – Babelsberg.)